Luna Pawn




Model:Luna Pawn 1/20


This is a great little kit, it can be constructed in under and hour and goes together like a dream. I believe this is to be the first in a new line of Ma.k. kits. The Luna Pawn is much more poseable than the previous Ma.k. kits. I had no problems in constructing this kit and would gladly recommend it to anyone.

My kit was purchased from Hobby Link Japan.


  1. The kit was first sprayed with Tamiya primer
  2. Then a base coat of Humbrol Metal Cote was applied and I buffed it up with a cotton ear bud.
  3. Next I applied Humbrol Maskol to areas on the kit that I wanted the Metal Cote(paint chips) to show through.
  4. I then use Tamiya masking tape to mask off further areas that would be red and yellow.
  5. After this was done I sprayed the model with Mr.Color No. 11( Light gull gray)
  6. Once this was dry I removed the masking tape and painted the yellow( Vallejo- Transp.yellow) and red ( War hammer- Blood read)
  7. I then removed the Maskol to show the Metal Cote (paint chips)
    Once all colours were dry I added some kit decals and extras such as “4PLAY” from an 1/35 OIF Archers dry transfer set.
  8. A very thin wash of Tamiya XF-19 (sky grey) was then applied to the whole model. Extra washes were given to the lower legs to give a more dirty/moon dust effect.
  9. Some decals were scratched/chipped to blend into the model and paint chips The whole kit was then spayed with Testors Dull Cote but the paint chips were covered before doing this
  10. Paint chips were buffed a little more at the end.


The black base was from a 200mm Kirin figure kit. I glued railroad model gavel to it using thinned wood glue with water. Real small rocks with good textured were painted and also applied to base using Liquid nails (glue). Once again the whole base was given a very thin wash with Tamiya-sky grey to blend the base and Luna Pawn together.