U.S. Airborne Iraq


Model:101st Iraq 120mm

Description: 101st Iraq 120mm


Detail / Sculpting- 8/10 

The detail on the parts of this kit are good, all parts are well defined and nothing looks out of place. The vest could have been a little more detailed but with detailed painting will come out nicely. In my pics above I added another helmet which does not come in the kit as I took it from another Verlinden, Desert Storm kit. The gun sling also does not come in the kit and was added by me. 

Face Detail-6.5/10 

I am very picky on faces due to the fact that it makes the figure look real or not real, the better the face the easier it is to make look real when painting. This face to me lacks facial detail (a little) and the eyes aren't that great.

Ease of build- 9/10

This kit went together very well but I did find the gun a little painful to put together.

Overall- 8.5/10

I would recommend this kit to anyone wanting to make a U.S figure from Iraq. There is not a large range of 120mm modern U.S figures out there but this one is one of the best I have found so far. No decals came with this kit. What I will also add is that Verlinden have produced this figure well and I like the resin/finish on this figure. 





Tamiya Buff
Tamiya Nato black
Tamiya Nato green
Tamiya Nato brown



Buff and Desert yellow


Uniform Vallejo pastel green
Vallejo Iraq sand and blanco white mixed
Tamiya red brown
Knee guards Khaki drab
Camel Pack Olive drab
Gas Mask Olive drab
Knife J.A green