Panzer Grenadier



Model:German- Kharkov 1943

Description: 120mm - sculpted by John Rosengrant


Detail / Sculpting- 9.5/10 

The detail on the parts of this kit are very nice, all parts are well defined and look great. Nothing to complain about here other than I think his right arm could be relaxed a little more. He is really supposed to be holding his rifle in his right hand but I had planned to have him holding a map instead.

Face Detail-9.5/10 

I think this is the nicest face I have come across in the 120mm range so far. His eyes, nose and mouth all look well done to me. I gave it a 9.5 but could not say what would make it any better.

Ease of build- 10/10

This kit went together very well and I had no real issues with it.

Overall- 9.5/10

I would highly recommend this kit to anyone wanting to make a 120mm German figure from WW2. The only thing I would have liked added to this kit, to make it a 10/10 kit would be a sling for the rifle and decals for the grenade   

Method: Face is painted in oils
Uniform painted in Tamiya acrylics