Brand:Junk Tank Rock

Model:SEG-888 Hornet 1/35 Scale


Figure was painted with Vallejo paints

  • Flesh colours
  • Black grey for pads and helmet
  • London grey for uniform

Bike was painted with Tamiya, Vallejo and Games Workshop paints

  • Base colours: Tamiya TS 28 Olive Drab and Vallejo Beige 917
  • Tyre: Vallejo Black Grey
  • Side bags: Vallejo leather Brown
  • Engine: Games Workshop Bolton metal

    Then the whole bike was sprayed from a distance with Tamiya flat white and then given some pin washes and highlighting.

    The wooden base with ground work was made from plaster, water, wood glue and baking soda. A small twig was added to the base for added interest.