Heavy Armored Fighting Suit- SF3D Mak

By Nitto

  • Primed with Tamiya grey
  • Sprayed Tamiya  olive green then covered with blue tac in areas and sprayed with tan
  • Model then washed with many oil paints
  • Decals put on after gloss coat to decal areas
  • Then dull coated
  • Pin washed with oils all over
  • Then washed oils over decals to blend in
  • Light airbrushing with light tan/dust colours
  • Scratches done with graphite pencil and gun metal paint to highlight worn areas
  • Lightly dull coated again
  • Some dry brushing in various colours
  • Finished with Mig pigments to create dust and exhaust fumes/soot  for final blending


  • Picture Frame
  • Filled with building plaster and wood glue
  • While wet covered in real soil and stump grinded tree waste
  • Fake and real vegetation added
  • Real twig added for broken tree trunk
  • Model embedded in base while still went