Tamiya Hornet


Tamiya Hornet R/C

My father bought me a Tamiya Grasshopper in Grade 8 and I really enjoyed making it but most of all I loved driving it. I haven't built a R/C car in about ten years other than the Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle which I built and painted at the same time as this Hornet. It was a great break from building static models. 

The Tamiya Hornet is one of the easier Tamiya cars to build, a great car for young kids just starting to get into R/C. The Tamiya Hornet has been around for years so there are plenty of backup parts for it. The Tamiya Hornet and Grasshopper are very close to the same car. The main difference is that the Hornet gets a faster motor, rear oil filled shocks and a lexan body which is a lot softer/lighter than the hard Grasshopper body. I do like the look of both cars though but prefer the Grasshopper shell over the Hornet.

Anyway here are the finished pics of the Hornet before it gets the life thrashed out of it. I thought I would take pics of it just completed because after I drive it, it will never look the same. It's lucky the driver inside the Hornet is missing his legs to start with, as he will most likely never walk again :)

I hope to post more pictures of the Hornet in flight soon!