SGT.Jeff Connor


SGT.Connor by Andrea 54MM

Finished figure

Actual size of figure below

Another screen shot

Side by side with box art


In progress pics below-

Base colours down and decals have now been added

Have done a little more work to the gun

Weathering process started today with adding scratches- 29/11/2011

Just starting to use oil paint on him now as part of the weathering process- 17/12/2011

You can see on the torso and arms how by using oil paints you can achieve a worn/used weathered look. You do this by just adding very small amounts of oil paints in different colours ( like shown on the legs below).Once the oil paints are dotted all over the figure where you want them, you then brush them in downward strokes with a wet brush of paint thinner, you can do this a number of times so take your time.I just use Tamiya enamel paint thinner for my oil thinner and it seems to work fine. I use Winsor and Newton for my oil paint you can can buy these paints in most art shops.    

Oils now completed on lower legs as well - 18/12/2011

More detailing- Added red and silver to wrists and coloured more red wires. I have also added to the body with black scuff marks. Also started on shoulder lights and Knuckle dusters- 19/12/2011   

New scratches added to suit armour- 21/12/2011  

Gloves and knuckle dusters detailed and weathered, also a black wash has been given around exhausts on back- 21/12/2011 


Finished pics coming soon- 24/12/2011


Figure size compared to a 1/35 Dragon figure with Hornet head